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Software Development Quality Assurance

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Ariene ensures Software Application Development Quality Assurance for all of its services: Application Software Development Services, Product Engineering, Mobile Application Programming, and Software Testing Services; based in Central NJ, with Offshore Development and Technical Support Services Center, using latest technologies and open source products and platforms. For the expertise and experience we have, please visit, Portfolio - Software Development Servicespage for details.

SQA Process and Methods

For us, SQA is to assure that the standards, processes, and procedures are appropriate for the project and are correctly implemented. We ensure that systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention. Our SQA process is organized into (a) Goals like what we and our client intent to accomplish in each of the project we undertake (b) Commitments such as resources, timeline, milestones etc. we target to attain (c) Abilities of the organization primarily in delivery and support capability (d) Activities like each of the steps we take and actions follow (e) Measurements for every stage of the Project development Life Cycle in terms cost, resources, time etc. and (f) Verifications for each of the stage against what we planned for including bugs per 1000 lines of codes. Above all the change management for the client, in terms of ROI like financial, time, market share etc. The process and methods are intended to confirm our promise of complete satisfaction and that we will work on Your Unique Requirements and Budget, and follow Complete Software Testing Life Cycle. Also, please visit Process - Application Software Development page.

Software Development Life Cycle

For every project we undertake, we strictly follow our complete Application Development Process that includes (a) System and Requirement Definition stating what is available against the requirement objectives (b) Requirement Analysis in a streamlined and structured way so as to make our estimates in terms of Resources and time in most accurate manner (c) Project Design, Flow charts, and Architecture layout structured into appropriate modules (d) Coding of each modules with emphasis on priority implementation schedules and items (e) Source Code Control (f) Code Reviews, Alignment, and Bug-fixing (g) Change Management (h) Configuration Management (i) Rigorous Testing Procedures and Corrective measures (j) Release Management (k) Application Integration (l) Customer Education (m) Documentation, and (n) Support Services. We Follow these cycle by feedback, and analysis, and improvement process ensuring Best Possible Bug-free Solutions for highest performance and maximum ROI.

For guarantee of our services, please visit Guarantee - Software Application Development page for more insights. For each stage of the Software Building Process, we follow industry Best Practices, employing independent testing procedures, using Offshore Software Services Center, and promising maximum bug-free products. For overview about the Company and other details, please visit Ariene - Software Development Company page.