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Ariene - IT Consulting & Software Development

Ariene is an IT Consulting & Application Software Developing Company, also offering Mobile Application Development, Product Engineering, and Software Testing Services, at lower rate. Ariene is in business since 2000, with about 5000 sft. office space in US and India, with the experience of filing dozens of H-1B Visas and Green Cards.

(A) Software Application Development

The design and programming services include (a) Database Development (b) Web Applications and Enabling (c) Custom Software Services, and (d) Maintenance, Reengineering and Enhancement, using our Offshore Software Center facilities. We are committed to follow the best practices in the Information Technology industry, for each stage of complete SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), using various technologies such as Microsoft, Sun, and Open Source. We employ independent testing team from design and development team to ensure that each of the programs we develop is bug-free. Further, we make the codes clean, and in an absolutely structured pattern as such it would be easy and smooth for Maintenance, Re-engineering, and Scaling. Please visit Application Software Development Services page for details.

(B) Product Engineering Services

We analyze and define product requirements and translate it to Requirement Specifications, design product and convert it to Product Architecture, build products for Running Application and create Detailed Design Artifacts, rigorously test products and make Test Reports and Problem Reports, Deliver Products, Document Project, Train Users, and provide Technical Support for complicated Product Engineering, for meeting your unique business requirements. We promise 100% Satisfaction for the targeted performance of the products, by following stringent quality control parameters, rigorous testing practices, and committed management process, and it could be offline or web-enabled. Please visit Software Product Engineering Services page for details.

(C) Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications became one of the most potent tools for marketing your products and meeting your business goals. Our highly optimized, target oriented, Cost Effective, One-time Delivery, and value-added services are grouped into four categories, (a) Windows Mobile (b) Android, (c) iOperating System, and (d) HP OS, using respective Integrated Development Environment. And each of the Mobile Apps is first tested within the respective IDE (Integrated Development Environment) using emulators such as Google Android Emulator, MobiOne, TestiPhone, Eggplant etc. prior to field testing. We have expertise and experience on creating Mobile Applications for low-power mobile devices like PDAs, Enterprise level Digital Assistants, or Cell Phones; and it can be downloaded by customers using various mobile software distribution platforms, or it can be delivered over HTTP using client-side or server-side processing. Please visit Mobile Application Development Services page for more insights.

(D) Software Testing Services

We follow the testing stage, level, and practices as required by the clients, and for development, we follow Agile/ Extreme methods of test driven development process. The teams follow Unit, Integration, System, and System Integration testing processes, and adhere to Complete Software Testing Life Cycle for covering the best practices. Our Testing Services are grouped into three categories, (a) Manual Testing (b) Automated Testing, and (c) Mobile Testing and it is done with several objectives, (a) Finding bugs in the codes (b) Performances and non-performances (c) Compatibility to OS, Applications, Browser, versions etc (d) Verification and Validation processes (e) Security and usability (f) Integration process. We have testing team within the development team as well as independent testers to ensure absolutely high quality codes for targeted performances. Please visit Software Application Testing Services page for more details.

Software Application Programmers

Most of the Applications are web enabled or web based in modern days, and if you expect it to bring in online business, then you should ensure 4 levels of highest quality performance. So, when you choose an Application Services Firm, you must keep in mind the key parameters such as background of the vendor company, management profile, local presence, authentic website with higher Google and Alexa ranking etc. Further, if it is web based application, (a) Your site and key pages must come higher up in the search results (b) Compelling meta descriptions for higher Click Thru Rate (c) Your site must prove capability and customers’ affordability within 5 seconds, and (d) Highly optimized Landing Page for Maximum Conversion Rate. That is, choose the right vendor company for quality delivery and best support services for maximum ROI. Please visit Guarantee - Software Application Development page for details.

For Application Programming Services, please contact us for details like process, methodology, timeline, and pricing; and for other details you may also visit Service, Technology, Industry, Solution, Success, Portfolio, Pricing, and Blog pages. Please feel free to get in touch with us, using any of the methods given on Contacts page, and for pricing, visit Pricing - Software Application Development.

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